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We offer a fully Halal HMA-certified menu along with vegetarian options for our customers.

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History Is Our Asset,

 Quality Our Philosophy


Become A Part Of Our Story

"I've been coming to this place for 6 years, 

and nothing beats Hot and Sour.

10/10 would recommend this place."

-   Rumaisa Mahmood | September 2017   -

“Amazing food. And equally amazing people. The ambiance is very nice and relaxing. Good for family. So far best Indian style halal chinese food."

-   Abdullah Abbas | August 2017   -

Hot And Sour Soup

Hot & Sour

Halal Hakka Chinese Cuisine


Rooted in the struggles and experiences of the Chinese Immigrants to Pakistan and India, Hakka Cuisine pioneered a world-famous trend, now known as Asian fusion, by developing recipes and dishes that were not only respectful of the ingredients and flavours of their new communities but were true to their ancestral styles and techniques of preparing and enjoying good food.


Here at Hot and Sour, for over a decade we have been carrying on the awe-inspiring legacy of the Immigrant experience by bringing to you the Pakistani Halal Hakka Cuisine our parents fell in love with back home, with nods and references to the beautiful ingredients and flavours of our new home, Canada!   

Come dine with us, and be inspired and awed by the generations of changes, adaptations, and creativity that have shaped and moulded this truly beautiful cuisine we lovingly prepare and serve.  




Inspired Halal Dining

True to the recipes designed, created and perfected by Chef Rabia over a decade ago in the kitchens of Mississauga, Chef Khan invites you to experience a menu that respects and honours the struggle, dedication and commitment Chef Rabia put towards creating dishes that allowed people to experience food unlike anything else in the GTA.


Inspired by the flavours of Chef Rabia's recipes, our current menu reflects the diverse array of techniques and spices used in traditional Pakistani cuisine, whilst maintaining the integrity and freshness of locally and globally sourced ingredients.


Respectful of our Halal Policy, our restaurant strives to uphold the highest levels of cleanliness and purity in both the food we serve and the ingredients we use. We are an alcohol and pork-free facility.


*Our kitchen can accommodate most dietary requirements, please advise before ordering.


Hot And Sour Halal Hakka Chinese Bistro | Chili Chicken Dry

“By far the best hakka style restaurant in GTA!


Service 10/10
Worth every penny!"

-   M. Ibrahim Mian | June 2017   -

Catering Packages


Whether it's a simple get together, or a memorable event,  we have the experience and flavours to help ensure your event is one to remember.  Without compromising on quality, our kitchen handracfts each of your items, resulting in a feast that your guests will remember and cherish.


Contact us today to speak to a manager about your next event

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"Very friendly people and great food. The menu has many choices and the food is more authentic than regular Chinese Food Restaurant."

-   Ibha Kamran | April 2017   -


Contact Us

TEL: (905) - 542 - 7900

Open Seven Days A Week:  3:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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